Do you hear the people sing?

Say, do you hear the distant drums?

Friends Only

This journal is friends only, but I'll add just about anyone, so comment if you'd like to be added.

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Hey, I was wondering if you might wanna friend up. I saw something you said in jrock_rant and I loved it:

"I don't get why anyone even cares. Seriously, it's just music. Who cares what label people give them?"

Truest thing I've heard in a j-rock comm.

I guess we don't have that many bands in common, but music is my life, so we might be cool.

Really? Alright, cool! I love making new friends. :)

Awesome, welcome to the list, lol.

While I'm at it, do you happen to have a last.fm?


And yeah, I do. My username is hideisgod. That's pretty much my username on every site, lol.

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